Adan Lupercio

Adan Lupercio’s Mustang Road Trip

With his deep passion for vintage cars, Adan Lupercio decided it was time to take his 1967 Ford Mustang on an iconic American road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway. Planning the route from Santa Monica up to San Francisco filled Adan Lupercio with excitement and nostalgia.

Early on a sunny California morning, Adan Lupercio topped off the fluids, packed his bags, and hit the road in his Mustang convertible. Driving with the top down, wind in his hair, and the ocean in view was a dream come true.

Adan Lupercio took his time meandering up the coast, stopping to take photos at beaches, parks, and quirky roadside attractions. Seeing the same sights that 1940s motorists would have gazed upon gave the trip an old-school vibe.

The coastal views never got old, each bend revealing new ocean vistas. However, the highlight was driving across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco. Adan felt immense satisfaction cruising his vintage Mustang into the city.

After grabbing dinner at a retro diner, Adan found a scenic lookout point to watch the sunset over the Pacific. As the sky turned pink and purple, he reflected on the simple joy of experiencing the open road and beautiful landscapes.

Though the trip ended too soon,Adan Lupercio knew he would cherish the memories forever. The solo Mustang road trip had been rejuvenating and liberating. He looked forward to planning more adventurous journeys in his beloved classic car.

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